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Superfood pasta

Eat smart, feel better, live longer!

Pasta without the guilt of sugar and conscience.

Our idea was to create a pasta with a glycemic index less than 40.

We succeeded thanks to collaboration!

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Pasta with a VERY LOW Glycemic Index:

Is yellow

(not brown)

Tastes like regular yellow pasta

(and not like whole-grain pasta)

Does not overcook

(cooking time 7 mins.)

Has a glycemic index of 38

(regular durum wheat pasta has a GI of 55)

Glycemic index

Why is it worth to choose Gi Pasta?

Now, people with diabetes, insulin resistance, carbohydrate metabolism disorders, as well as those who care about a healthy lifestyle, can enjoy the taste of light pasta without remorse.

High GI - wheat pasta


Medium GI - Whole grain wheat pasta


Low GI - our GI 38 Pasta



more protein


less carbohydrates


more fiber



Read our customer reviews:

Perfect pasta, perfect glucose level after eating and great taste, no different from normal pasta, I recommend

5 star is not enough in this case, Gi Pasta is very tasty, has low GI and doesn’t raise sugar level in a person with type 1 diabetes, I recommend it.

This pasta is a godsend. It tastes like regular pasta and has a GI of 38. It also cooks quickly (as per the instructions, 7 minutes). I recommend it for people with insulin resistance.

I’m a diabetic with type 2 diabetes. Even though I ate much pasta with bolognese sauce, my sugar level didn’t exceed 115. This means that a GI of 38 is not just talk.

Tasty pasta for diabetics and beyond. A good alternative to regular pasta.

Tastes just like regular pasta. Super product!

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