A family business in the market for 27 years

Experts in the production of homemade pasta

Hello, I’m Dominik Polak. I am the President of the family company POLMAK, which has been on the market for nearly 30 years. My father Grzegorz Polak founded it in the nineties. We specialize in the production of homemade pasta, and we are experts in this field. Every day, we deliver the best traditional pasta to our customers.

One Day I came up with the idea of creating a pasta that would taste and look like the traditional one, while also being suitable for diabetics – LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX PASTA. I was able to achieve this through collaboration with scientists from the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. Several years of research by the team from the Department of Grain Engineering and Technology, led by dr hab. Aldona Sobota, eng., resulted in the development of the recipe.

Our mission

Restoring normality, bringing joy to mealtime.

Low GI pasta

Eat mindfully Feel better Live longer.

LOW GI PASTA is a product with a specified low glycemic index of 38. Thanks to years of effort, we have achieved our goal, and now people with diabetes, insulin resistance, those with carbohydrate metabolism disorders, as well as those who care about a healthy lifestyle can enjoy the taste of light pasta without any guilt.

Our pride

Our pasta

Low glicemic index pasta

This is the only light pasta with a specified low glycemic index of 38, which in taste, texture, and appearance resembles traditional wheat flour pasta, while also being suitable for diabetics and individuals with carbohydrate metabolism disorders.

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